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Financial Tools for Individuals and Families

JonesKohanski provides a library of financial calculators and tools to help individuals and families explore their financial future, from planning a child’s college fund, to forecasting retirement options, to refinancing a mortgage, to planning their estate. Our interactive calculators, dynamic graphs, and fully customizable reports make comparing your present and future finances easy. Once you know where you are and where you want to be, the professionals at JonesKohanski will provide the expert advice and information you need to reach all your financial goals.   

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Understand your loan payments, amount of interest you’ll pay, and for how long.

Mortgage Qualifier

Can you buy your dream home? Find out just how much you can afford.

Refinance Breakeven

Use this calculator to determine if it makes good financial sense to refinance your mortgage.

Amortizing Loan Calculator

Use this calculator two ways: Calculate your loan amount based on your desired payment or calculate your monthly payment based on the loan amount.

Retirement Planning

Determine if your retirement savings plan is on track and see what you need to keep it heading in the right direction.


Social Security Benefits

Use this calculator to estimate your Social Security benefits payment based on age, income, and expected retirement date.


Auto Loans

Determine the value of automobile you can buy based on the monthly payment you wish to make, or calculate your loan payment amount based on a vehicle’s purchase price.


Buy vs. Lease

Use this calculator to determine the cost-effectiveness of buying your next automobile versus leasing it.


College Savings

Use this calculator to develop or fine tune your child’s college savings plan.


Cool Million

Calculate exactly how long it will take you to become a millionaire.

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    We provide a library of financial calculators to help you begin planning your financial future.

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    Here are some links for additional financial, tax, and government information.

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    Stay informed about new tax reform laws that can benefit your financial future.

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